Morbid and fantastical works

and Other Liminal Libations
Molly Tanzer

 “Euhoi! Euhoi! Come, Bacchus!”

MOLLY TANZER, author of the Wonderland Book and British Fantasy Society Best Newcomer Nominated A Pretty Mouth presents a new collection of weird and fantastical tales:

R U M B U L L I O N,
  A N D   O T H E R   L I M I N A L   L I B A T I O N S

incorporating a new novella—a disquieting tale of 18th Century decadence, charlatanism, supernatural ritual, and violent, bloody murder, told in the epistolary style—along with a number of previously uncollected and critically acclaimed short stories.

Each piece is furthermore presented with a corresponding imbibation from Molly's distinctive repertoire, to be concocted by the reader with the hope that his or her enjoyment of the story will be in some small way enhanced—and that Bacchus guide them on.

The full contents are as follows: 


Introduction: A Consuming Desire

Rumbullion: An Apostrophe
Presented with Planter’s Punch

“In Sheep’s Clothing”
Presented with Sheep Dip

“How John Wilmot Contracted Syphilis”
Presented with The Arms of Venus

“The Poison-Well”
Presented with Choke Royal

“Herbert West in Love”
Presented with Revivification

“Tubby McMungus, Fat from Fungus”
Presented with The Shabby Tabby

“Go, Go, Go, said the Byakhee”
Presented with Mother’s Milk

The book will be a 256 page lithographically printed, sewn hardback with colour endpapers, limited to 250 copies.
It will be priced at £30 (British pounds) worldwide.
ISBN 978-0-957160644

Thanks kindly for your attention.

Selected praise forMolly Tanzer's previous collection, A Pretty Mouth:

"All too infrequently do I encounter a new voice as delightful,compelling, and intelligent as that of Molly Tanzer.”

CAITLINR. KIERNAN, author of The Drowning Girl:A Memoir

“Molly Tanzer is aprose Edward Gorey, decadent, delicious, and ever so slightly mad.”

— NATHAN LONG, authorof Jane Carver of Waar

Tanzer’sgreatest asset is the sheer glee of her stories.”


Despitebeing a stylistic chameleon, Ms. Tanzer's prose is insightful, cleverand distinctly her own.”


“It’s beenrepeatedly said we’re enjoying a new golden age of weird andfantastic fiction. We are, and this lady is one the gifted magicianswhose literary creations are keeping the bonfire burning brightly!”

— JOSEPH S. PULVER,SR., author of The Orphan Palace