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Children of the Crimson Sun

Egaeus Press Keynote Edition V

Karim Ghahwagi

Crimson Sun

A diptych of dark, richly wrought, strange tales, exploring faith, identity, and those mysterious currents which inhabit the spaces in between them. At once psychological tales of mounting spiritual horror, and investigations into the dark fantastic.

The title novella, Children of the Crimson Sun, concerns a young medic of the Hospitaller Knights of Malta, charged with investigating an unsettling case in a local fishing village, where spiritual forces both contemporary and ancient saturate the sprawling archipelago’s villages, churches, monasteries, megalithic temples, and deep subterranean caverns.

In the second piece, A Haunting in Miniature, a village in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic is unsettled by a series of ghostly visitations. The supernatural intrusions give rise to suspicions that the region’s history has resurfaced in strange and foreboding circumstances.

The book is a lithographically printed, 192 page pocket sized hardback (105mm x 165mm); limited to 220 copies. It is part of the Egaeus Press Keynote Editions. ISBN 978-1-916465725.


An extract from Children of the Crimson Sun. Video copyright Karim Ghahwagi.

Crimson Sun

Crimson Sun



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